Join Duo Security and guests Forrester Research and University of Tennessee, Knoxville for the webinar:

How To Stop Targeted Attacks and Avoid "Expense In Depth" With Strong Authentication

September 25th at 2:30pm EDT

Targeted attacks continue to rise despite the fact that more security products are on the market than ever before. With employees now encouraged to use their own devices and cloud services swiftly becoming the norm, the idea of a network perimeter is quickly fading away. Many information security professionals are therefore turning their attention back to improving their company's "security hygiene". 

Brian Kelly of Duo Security and guest speakers Rick Holland of Forrester Research, Inc. and Bob Hillhouse of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville will discuss how to avoid common pitfalls and expense when establishing strong defenses against targeted attacks. Rick will share findings from his two-part report "Introducing Forrester's Targeted-Attack Hierarchy of Needs". 

The webinar will cover crucial topics such as:

  • Implementing the principle of least privilege
  • Keeping endpoints patched
  • Deploying strong authentication
  • Preventing lateral movement

Receive clear guidance right-sized for your company's risk profile, staffing, and budget!

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The Duo Security Team

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Presenter Biographies:

Rick Holland from Forrester

Rick Holland
Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc.

Rich Holland is a principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., where he serves Security & Risk Professionals. Rick works with senior information security leadership, providing strategic guidance on security architecture, security operations, and data privacy. His research focuses on incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, email and web content security, and virtualization security. Rick speaks at security events including the RSA conference and SANS summits. He is regularly quoted in the media and is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly
Principal Product Marketing Manager at Duo Security

Brian Kelly runs product marketing at Duo Security. Brian has spent the last 10 years helping build strong authentication and identity management products and services at companies including Symantec, VeriSign, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Bob Hillhouse

Bob Hillhouse
Associate CIO for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and Information Security Officer at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bob Hillhouse serves the Univeristy of Tennessee, Knoxville, as the Associate CIO for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and as the Information Security Officer. Bob is a native Knoxvillian and graduate of the University of Tennessee. He uses multi-factor authentication.