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Hard facts concerning password insecurity

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Gary Windham

Senior Enterprise Systems Architect

Product Manager, Duo Security

In Gary's 18 years at the University of Arizona, Gary designed and implemented the first campus-wide authentication mechanism, as well as web single sign-on and federated identity management solutions. Gary currently leads the Systems Integration & Architecture group, which delivers identity management and middleware architecture to campus.

Jim has a history of working at successful startups. Before coming to Duo, he helped start Arbor Networks, a company that provides network security and management solutions for some of the world’s largest and most complex networks. While there, he led engineering and user experience teams through both sides of the acquisition process. He holds a patent for cloud mitigation services, and degrees in Computer Science and Japanese.

Watch this informative webinar on June 27 to learn how the University of Arizona is evolving two factor authentication. Just as importantly, learn about new technologies that make remote access more secure AND easier than the options that have been available until now.

About the presenters:

The University of Arizona's Information Technology Services department (UITS) decided to employ two-factor authentication to address security challenges within central IT and across campus. Since the initial roll-out, UITS' Senior Enterprise Systems Architect, Gary Windham, has aimed to expand the program to additional users. In this webinar, he describes the challenges UITS is addressing and future plans.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Jim Simpson

Industry trends regarding 2FA

The merits of the implementation at the University of Arizona

The UITS plan to offer two-factor authentication broadly on campus