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10 Steps to Get Your Boss to Say Yes to Self Phishing

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Social engineering attacks continue to boast a high success rate, and most IT and security practitioners are ill-equipped to stop it. Conducting regular phishing simulations has become a great tool in the effort to educate end users.

In a recent webinar, we offered insights on internal phishing simulations. Many of our attendees were challenged by lack of permission to move forward with phishing campaigns.

Attend this webinar to learn the 10 essential steps to get permission from your boss for conducting phishing campaigns.

You'll learn how to:

  • Easily automate and deploy security assessments
  • Receive valuable insight into the risk profile of your organization
  • Find vulnerable users in minutes, not hours, and start protecting them right away

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Presenter Biographies:

Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards is the Security Operations Manager at Duo Security, where he focuses on Duo's corporate security efforts. These include everything from policies and procedures to technical controls and security awareness training. Steve brings over 10 years of security and IT experience to the team.